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I’m just another manic momma. I have chosen to remain anonymous to protect, well….myself. I plan to rant about everything from pickles to poop, and everything in between – and I’m pretty sure there are members of my personal and business life that may not appreciate the topics I plan to cover.

I’m a 40-something Mom and I have a beautiful little girl, who we’ll call Summer (because that’s what I wanted to name her. Unfortunately, too many people said it sounded like a stripper name, so I was forced to choose something else). I’m married to an unbelievably awesome man – who will be known as Super Dad, SD or SO from here on out (and I’ll try not to brag too much, but be warned, you’ll probably be, at least a little, jealous).

I’m a WAHM, and although contrary to what people believe, my job is a real job and I actually work, so my daughter is a daycare baby. I wish I made enough to hire a nanny, but I try to focus on the positives of sending her to daycare (there are a few). Some days (actually most days) I work in my pajamas which I consider a luxury. I gave up high heels for flip flops and fuzzy socks – and I rock those socks! Luckily, my husband loves me despite what’s on my feet – or how many times a week I shower.

After reading this, you should feel better about your parenting, as I am no pro – far from it actually; although, I have learned some things along the way…

With that said, I hope you learn something from this blog (even if it’s just how crazy I am).

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