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Pregnant Women Don’t Always Glow

July 7, 2012

Sure – I had my share of compliments, family, friends and strangers telling me I had that “glow”, but I they didn’t see me at my finest, when those evil little hormones took over my body like the Poltergeist.  The nights I began sobbing during a car commercial or when I freaked out on my husband because he put the car keys in the wrong spot. Let’s not even talk about what happened when I watched a Lifetime movie.

It happens to the best of us and it’s possible that you could find yourself thinking there’s something seriously wrong with you. You could begin to question your own sanity and wondering if you need psychiatric help. The good news is, you don’t. You’re pregnant and being irrational, moody and teary is par for the course. Your body is going through tremendous physical and emotional changes, so you will, most likely, put on the waterworks and freak out at whoever is closest to you during your fit of rage, if you haven’t already.

I don’t have a ton of advice, as I’d normally recommend a wine or liquor but considering the situation, that’s not an option – so I’ll let you know what worked for me. Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking a deep breath and checking yourself. Other times, it could involve a ½ gallon of Publix Chocolate Trinity ice cream (that is, unless you get diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes). …and sometimes, you just have to let it all out and ask for forgiveness when you regain your sanity.

My last bit of advice is this: Find articles proving to your significant other that your body has been taken over and that you have little to no control over your actions. This is crucial – because men will not (and cannot) ever truly understand what pregnancy feels like and what it does to us emotionally and physically!

So, remember this and repeat it daily (think of it as your 10 month daily affirmation), “I’m allowed to sob, sneer, cry or fart as I please! Everyone else will just have to deal!”


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