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Inaugural Father’s Day

June 20, 2012

So, Father’s Day has come and gone and I have a bit of sadness that it’s over. For me, it felt a little like Christmas. I’m not one that can typically keep a surprise a secret, so I felt like a kid waiting or Santa to wedge his fat ass down my chimney. I may have been more excited about it than my husband was…I REALLY wanted to make his day extra special, since it was his first one – and I’m fairly confident I did. Here’s what he got:

A 24oz Custom Tervis Tumbler. For those of you that aren’t familiar with these, they are the most awesome tumblers out there. Virtually, the only thing we drink from in our house. They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot – and best of all, they don’t sweat (which is kind of a big deal when you live in hot and steamy FLA). The best part is they’re guaranteed for life – AND, they now let you customize them with your own photos and text – which is new and totally awesome! They’re pricey, but worth their weight in gold!

A custom Red Wings outfit for our daughter (hubby is a HUGE Red Wings fan). It was a onesie with a Red Wings patch on the front – and her name with the #12 on the back (year she was born).

A custom Shopping Tote with pictures of our daughter that says “I love to shop with Daddy”…because she does, and does so often (since he does all of the shopping for us).

A Father’s Day poem, titled, “Thank You Daddy” that I wrote to him from our daughter. I designed it with a watermark photo of them both, and included her footprints (that I scanned in from the hospital. I then got it printed on 1” foam board and displayed it on a desktop easel.

…and last – let’s not forget I gave him the most beautiful daughter a father could wish for!

Today I’d like to thank you
For all of the things you do
But most of all I thank you
Just for being you
Having you near me
Makes me glad to know
That you’ll always be here
To watch me change and grow
In my eyes, I hope that you can see
I’m proud to have a Dad
That watches over me
I love it when you kiss me
And hold my tiny hand
I know you’ll guide my footsteps
When I can finally stand
I love it when you smile at me
It makes me laugh out loud
You are what I want to be
And I hope to make you proud
You are the perfect Dad
Kind, gentle and fun
I’m grateful and I’m glad
To have the very best one
Even when I’m grown
And we have to be apart
I’ll cherish the love you give me
From your kind and gentle heart
Daddy I love you
What more can I say?
That I’ll love you more and more
Every single day

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