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Goodbye Bikini Hello Granny Panties

May 31, 2012

This wasn’t as difficult for me, as it was, has been and will be for so many others. I was lucky and had a small baby, but I still remember watching in awe as my body morphed from “slightly chunky” to “bigger than I’ve ever been”, which luckily wasn’t as big as I thought thanks to Gestational Diabetes.

Our society pressures women into thinking they should be emaciated in order to look beautiful; which, in my opinion, is warped and downright sadistic. Honestly who was the one that decided bony was beautiful?

I think those who struggle with body image are affected the most, and if you are that women (or girl), it’s critical that you speak with your OB about it. Not only does baby need food to survive (remember, you now have a teeny, tiny living person inside of you), you could also be putting yourself at risk and face miscarriage, pre-term labor, birth defects or even a still birth.

So, take a step back, think about your little baby (you’re going to be a Mom, that’s your job) and learn to love, the beautifully pregnant, you!


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